Work Hard, Don't Get Comfortable: WIL Keynote Interview with Michelle Lucero, CAO & General Counsel at Children's Hospital Colorado

Posted by Amy Fowler Stadler on 9/15/15 12:00 PM
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Michelle Lucero, Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel, Children's Hospital Colorado;

For the final post leading up to our Women In Leadership event this Thursday the 17th, we sat down with our keynote speaker Michelle Lucero, Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel at Children's Hospital Colorado, to learn about her career path and what has helped her find success.

What follows are the highlights from our conversation. Michelle is a committed, charismatic and caring leader, we hope that you will enjoy hearing from Michelle as much as we enjoyed talking to her!

What was your dream job as a child and why?

I wanted to be either an OB/GYN or an actor on the TV series “Days of Our Lives”… Given these amazing options….How does one choose?  Well, I decided in college to act in a few theatre productions (think “West Side Story”, “Music Man”, “Merchant of Venice” and “Antigone” – and even scored 2 best actress awards – oh my!) and then I also “got lazy” in continuing to go the doctor route…so I turned to the lawyer route.  (Sorry fellow lawyers.  But you do have to admit 3 years of law school is waaaayyyy shorter than med school, residencies, internships, etc.  Whew I got exhausted just by typing that!)  So, fast forward to my position now…I get to work with physicians and “act” like I play one on TV!  So in the end, I sort of fulfilled my child dream jobs!

What has been your biggest professional challenge as a female leader?

Hmmm, I have really had to think about this one.  Professionally, there have been “challenges” from raising a family, balancing community involvement, balancing time with friends, ensuring personal growth…but not sure I would term those “biggest”…they were material and had to be addressed head on.  But “biggest”….it may have been convincing myself to get out of my own way and take on “big” jobs.

What advice do you have for young female professionals? 

Work hard, don’t get comfortable with excuses, be your own best advocate, give back to the community, listen, step in, be confident, remember to take care of yourself – and you can have it all (see prior pieces of advice as to how to achieve “having it all”).

Any advice on how to achieve a happy work-life balance? 

Well….to be honest….I have survived by becoming comfortable being “out of balance”.  Meaning…in my experience, I have had moments of balance…and they were incredibly phenomenal.  However, in between those moments of balance are amazing experiences and choices that at many times my family was front and center and at times career was and yet at other times it was community involvement or friends taking the lead.  All delivering various forms of “happy”…

Thank you Michelle!

That wraps up our blog series highlighting the incredible women who will be leading the discussions at our Women In Leadership event on September 17th. Although the event is currently SOLD OUT, we encourage you to sign-up for our wait list in case a spot opens up.

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