How does Human Resource Technology Affect the Transformation of Culture in an Organization?

Posted by Amy Dingle on 8/4/16 11:08 AM

During our webinar, Addressing the Elephant in the Room: The Effects of HR Technology on Culture Transformation, we had more questions than we could get to. Read below as Norman Barnett, Director of HR & Recruiting at Lewis Fowler, and Charles Williams, Senior Associate at Lewis Fowler, give a little more insight.


What is a situation where you were asked to improve employee engagement? And what was your approach? 

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Empowering Business Process Management and Strategy – How to know if BPM is right for your organization?

Posted by Amy Dingle on 5/5/16 10:30 AM

Whether you were able to attend the webinar or not, learn a little bit more about BPM, Interfacing and how we can help you going forward!

Jeffory Elliott, Senior Consultant with Lewis Fowler, answered a few questions after the webinar below. 

With markets becoming increasingly more disruptive, timing becomes crucial when thinking about planning for an organization’s future. In reality, “agility” is no longer a buzz word - it is a standard way to operate a business. What’s more, executives are constantly relying on innovation to make game changing decisions and stay ahead of market pressure. While this fast pace is necessary, an implication is that circumstances within business environments are becoming more and more complex. In the wake of this fast-moving change and unyielding disruption, how does an organization deal with the emerging complexity and remain aligned at every level? Well, you might first ask yourself about the effectiveness of your Business Process Management (BPM) strategy, and how closely it ties to the overall strategy of your organization. BPM provides an opportunity to “double-click” into big organization-wide challenges and offers solutions which continuously seek to improve upon themselves.

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