Stakeholder Management: Simple but Not Necessarily Easy

Posted by Alex Geray on 5/11/17 12:00 PM

Written by Alex Geray and Adam Ferrario.

One of the most crucial steps in Business Analysis is the identification and management of stakeholders in a project. Generally, when we talk about stakeholders, we are referring to individuals or groups with a vested interest in the project because either they are involved in the work or affected by the outcomes.

These stakeholders are paramount to the success of the project and can have a huge influence on the outcome. Before you can jump right into managing the project stakeholders, you must find out who they are and the role they will play.

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What Will Digital Transformation Mean to Your Organization in 2017?

Posted by Jeff Elliott on 2/23/17 1:40 PM

In 2016, the world of business witnessed huge innovations and technological advancements in digital transformation. For starters, the internet of things (IoT) was further developed and we saw organizations demonstrate creativity in the solutions they devised. From sensors to energy grids, many private and even public sector organizations utilized IoT in order to become “smarter.” Looking ahead, Oxford Economics estimates that just over $1 trillion (USD) will be spent in the global IoT market by 2019.

Business leaders also continued to further explore the relationship between data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, in their 2017 Tech Trends publication, Deloitte predicts that the digital universe is expected to increase in size. Data space as large as 44 zettabytes – where one zettabyte is equal to one billion terabytes – will be common space. It does not stop here!

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Leadership Traps in Business Process Metrics Part 3

Posted by Sean McGrath on 3/16/16 3:43 PM

Metrics Management Lessons Illustrated in a True Story

This series of posts has been all about the use of metrics in business.  We have looked at the purpose of metrics, and why it is so important to distinguish between Reporting Metrics (used primarily by leadership) and Operational Metrics (used primarily by front-line managers and individual contributors).  We also looked at a method of organizing metrics via root cause trees, to help differentiate Reporting from Operational Metrics, define relationships between metrics, and improve the speed of analysis.

In this post we will explore three other issues relating to metrics, which I believe represent some of the most common and most serious traps into which leadership can fall.  These issues have incredibly boring names which cause most people’s eyes to roll back in their heads.  I think this is why they get so little consideration, but they are absolutely critical.  If you are measuring processes or business performance and you ignore these three issues, you are in for a long, drawn out slide into mediocrity.  So instead of naming them (initially) I’ll tell a story. 

To borrow a line from Dave Barry – I swear I’m not making this up. 

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4 Expert Tips for Better Cross-Functional Project Management

Posted by Sonal Sheth on 1/13/16 11:06 AM

A cross-functional project team is a group of people from different facets of the organization, that have the varied skill sets required to work towards the common objectives of a project. As expected, the role of a Project Manager and project management expands beyond just keeping the project on track. It must also encompass team building, conflict resolution and strong leadership.

As a PM for the Telecommunications department of a leading Class 1 railroad in North America, working to implement a safety system as mandated by the Railroad Safety act of 2008, I have had the unique opportunity to be a key part of a cross-functional team, leading and managing my piece of the estimated $1.4B project.

The scope of the project was very vast, impacting almost all railroad employees and resources, and there were a multitude of challenges the team faced as they forged ahead with the project.

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