7 Deadly Sins of Project Management Webinar Follow Up

Posted by Justin Rowe on 11/11/16 11:59 AM


On October 26th, we held our 7 Deadly Sins of Project Management webinar with Kristyn Medeiros, Solutions Consultant Manager with Innotas. We had a great discussion on the "7 Deadly Sins", the virtues of project management and more. During the webinar, we had several questions that we were unable to answer. I took some time to answer these:

Do you see PPM groups emphasizing the importance of leveraging existing domain patterns and structures for enterprise use and re-use?

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3 Steps to Improving Project Governance: Little Things Can Have a Big Impact

Posted by Kevin Lewis on 7/30/15 11:01 AM

One of our clients recently learned how what seemed like a small change in how they operate lead to both big improvements in organizational behavior and improved realization of their strategy objectives. While they had been in business for a number of years and had been generally successful in implementing many large engineering/construction projects, our customer was experiencing a particularly large growth event. 

In the past they had “line of sight” to their project performance, they were now simply trying to stay on top of the volume of work and were losing focus on performance.  As a result they began missing deliverable deadlines, overspending capital budgets, and not meeting their strategy implementation objectives.

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Help! How do I Align our Project Portfolio to a Strategy That is not Clear?!

Posted by Pete Fisher on 7/9/15 11:00 AM

I do not know about you, but in my 30+ years in business at the various companies where I have worked, it has been the rare exception that the senior leaders have clearly articulated and reinforced the business strategy.

Maybe this was because they did not have a solid strategy. Perhaps this was because developing a solid business strategy is hard, executives felt that developing the strategy was the real task, the organizations were so big that it was hard to cascade the communications down to the front line, or they felt that they only needed to communicate it several times for it to stick. None of these are justifiable excuses, but that is a topic for another day.

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