Cybersecurity in the Oil and Gas Industry

Posted by Kevin Lewis on 3/15/17 12:00 PM

Many leaders in every industry today are rightfully concerned with the growing cybersecurity threat.

One vertical, the oil and gas industry, faces unique cybersecurity challenges. The distributed ownership and operational nature of the industry infrastructure has led to wide differences in the application of security management practices. This, combined with the general industry image problems, media focus, and potential for large scale disruption, makes the industry in general a tempting target to cyber threats. The industry ranks number two behind utility companies for certain types of cyber-attacks and according to General Keith Alexander, retired Director of the National Security Agency, “41% of malicious attacks reported to the DHS were focused on the energy sector making it a prime target of such attacks.” Attacks can include targeting proprietary data, production disruptions and theft of employee and customer sensitive data.

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A CIO's Insights from the 2017 Gartner CIO Summit

Posted by Aleta Jeffress on 3/8/17 12:02 PM

Featured Guest Blog by: Aleta Jeffress, CIO of City of Aurora

A few weeks ago, Jeff Elliott discussed digital transformation and how that could impact your organization in 2017.  Digital transformation and key areas that accompany it were all topics at Gartner's CIO forum this past week.  My key takeaways from this year's CIO event include identifying the current trends for public sector/government to support digital evolution, and as a leader how to successfully navigate digital transformation in an organization. 

What are current trends for digital environments?  My first question is always how does IT align with and support the business?  According to Gartner, “Key government business trends include items such as citizen experience management, a data driven workforce, and institutional agility.”  The City of Aurora has efforts underway in each of these areas. 

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Earning the Right to Innovate: PMO Leader Interview With A. Ravi Malick, VP, Technology at TXU Energy

Posted by Kristi Brin on 3/25/16 9:00 AM

With our Dallas PMO Forum just around the corner I had the pleasure of speaking with our second panelist, A. Ravi Malick, Vice President of Technology at TXU Energy. We discussed the professional journey Ravi took from working financial functions, to the top IT position.

Read on for highlights from the interview including tactics for demonstrating the value your PMO brings to your organization, perspective on the role of project management, and how IT and project management are successfully integrated.

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Rigor and Process: CIO Interview with Brad Furry

Posted by Kristi Brin on 3/15/16 9:45 AM

Prior to Lewis Fowler's Dallas PMO forum, I had the chance to speak with one of our panelists, Brad Furry, and ask key questions about his journey to the CIO seat. Brad's career has spanned IT leadership roles in everything from Oil & Gas, Insurance, and Healthcare companies, to multi-billion dollar retailers.

Read on for highlights from our discussion and insights on what it takes to succeed as an IT executive.

1. What was your professional journey to becoming a CIO? 

I’ve spent the last 33 years in technology positions across multiple industries and companies.  Although, I’ve primarily spent the majority of my time in retail, I’ve also spent time in Oil & Gas, Healthcare and Insurance. 

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