Keys to Project Success: How to Leverage Stakeholders Pt. 1

Posted by Sean McGrath on 12/11/15 11:04 AM

Stakeholder management is make-or-break for successful projects and productive change.  In this two-part post I’ll explore a few key factors for project success that can really help Project Managers, Program Managers and even functional leaders as they tackle stakeholder management.

Project Managers often feel that they can’t sway others’ opinions.  This belief can be laid partially at the feet of standard project management methodologies.  Each has a set of procedures centered on a project planning tool – almost always an Excel template.

Teams populate the numerous data fields and produce any number of interesting two-by-two charts.  The project team is meant to hunker down, identify all project stakeholders and rate them on the tool’s matrix.  Once that is done, the team can then view the two-by-two charts, see where their stakeholders fit, and… then what?

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Project Reporting 101: What do Team Members Need to Know

Posted by Elizabeth Harrin on 8/5/15 12:00 PM

This is a guest post by Elizabeth Harrin from A Girl’s Guide to Project Management.

Project status reporting takes up lots of a project manager’s time, and it can be difficult to know who should get what information. After all, you really don’t want to be producing lots of different, tailored reports for every stakeholder. If you do, you risk people saying that they are hearing different stories and that someone else has been told something else – and that they aren’t getting the full picture.

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