A Business Case for Change

Posted by Peter Wright on 9/6/17 12:00 PM

As companies make the transition from small to mid-size it represents a unique requirement and opportunity to mature, evolve and standardize their systems and processes. Over the years, with experience in different parts of the business including IT, I've learned to appreciate how ERP projects can be the catalyst that helps transform organizations and take them to the next level. As you know, the change associated with an ERP project can be significant. Yet, if managed well, can also be the turning point that companies need at this point in their evolution and maturity. 

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Business Transformation as a Driver of Competitive Advantage

Posted by Nate Singsen on 6/28/17 12:00 PM

As the pace of change in the business environment accelerates, more and more enterprises are seeing a need to fundamentally transform aspects of the way they operate. From multi-nationals that view transformation as a continuous process of overhauling their business model to organizations that shift the paradigm of how their support functions create value for the business, the capacity to drive meaningful transformation is quickly becoming an important driver of competitive advantage.

So, what do we mean by the term business transformation? Transformations alter the DNA of an organization. They shift the very core of what we do and how we do it. What really sets transformations apart is the magnitude of the change required of our people and culture for the initiative to succeed.  While we may undertake large scale changes such as launching new IT systems, streamlining processes or even entering new lines of business, these are not truly transformations because they do not require extensive changes of people and organizational culture.

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