Digital Transformation and Its Impact on Cybersecurity

Posted by Justin Rowe on 6/1/17 1:10 PM

It seems like the last few years, organizations small and large have been undertaking some sort of digital transformation initiative.  This can be in the form of improving the customer experience at a physical shopping location using interactive technology or designing of new processes to optimize monitoring and performance of tasks through a mobile application.  Organizational customers, whether internal or external, can reap the benefits of using these new digital technologies to increase effectiveness and/or efficiency towards tasks being performed to produce a desired result.  Designing technology features and supporting processes that customers demand, comes with the potential of increasing risk across areas of the business that are unexpected. 

As enterprises look to become more agile and predictive, increase revenues, target new audiences and introduce new products through the performance of a digital transformation initiative, they must weigh the costs and benefits around the spectrum of Cybersecurity.  The process of continuous Cybersecurity use case development during a Digital Transformation can help enable the success of the program, protecting critical information and the technologies used to drive the transformation.

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WIL AZ 2017 Panelist Interview: Dr. Lisa Ordóñez, Vice Dean and Professor of Management & Organizations and Marketing, The University of Arizona

Posted by Amy Fowler Stadler on 5/24/17 12:00 PM

What was your dream job as a child and why?

I guess I always wanted to be a teacher.  I did not know what a professor was then, but I wanted to help people learn.  Now, I not only teach, but I get to create an environment to help people learn.  So, I guess I am living my dream.

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Insights from the Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference 2017

Posted by Justin Rowe on 5/18/17 10:45 AM

Last week, I was joined by over 1,000 professionals within the Information Security industry from all over the state of Colorado including past colleagues, product and service vendors and many more.  From this two-day event, there were many enticing keynote and breakout sessions that allowed me to gain new insights and reinforce industry knowledge of the current state of Information Security and the direction that it was heading. 

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Stakeholder Management: Simple but Not Necessarily Easy

Posted by Alex Geray on 5/11/17 12:00 PM

Written by Alex Geray and Adam Ferrario.

One of the most crucial steps in Business Analysis is the identification and management of stakeholders in a project. Generally, when we talk about stakeholders, we are referring to individuals or groups with a vested interest in the project because either they are involved in the work or affected by the outcomes.

These stakeholders are paramount to the success of the project and can have a huge influence on the outcome. Before you can jump right into managing the project stakeholders, you must find out who they are and the role they will play.

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