Scaled for the Enterprise – The Need for Organizational Change and Beyond

Posted by Justin Rowe on 2/8/17 12:01 PM

Last week, I had the privilege of presenting our first webinar of 2017, “Scaling for the Future – Enabling Agile Across the Enterprise”, discussing enterprise agile frameworks to include the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).  Jana Axline, President-elect from PMI Mile Hi, joined me during this webinar and provided her insights into the methodology, its basic principles and values as well as some detail into implementing at the enterprise-level. 

Our audience ranged from PMO leaders all over the country implementing enterprise agile to those who were just curious about the SAFe product altogether.  After the webinar, I had a deep conversation with one of the attendees about his organization going through the pains of growth where multiple teams are creating software-related products, but is having difficulty grasping where and if SAFe could fit within his organization. 

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Collaboration is the Key to Process Improvement

Posted by Alex Geray on 2/2/17 12:02 PM

Even in a world where you can complete nearly any task with the help of a computer, getting on the same page as your clients and collaborating with your peers will always be the best way to meet your goals. How, where, and when you collaborate can make or break some of your business’ goals.

The best ideas in the world are not going to progress as they should if your lines of communication are a tangled mess and your staff doesn’t have the tools they need to succeed. As an experienced business analyst, I am always looking for ways to bring up productivity and focus on the small details that make a big difference.

If you are feeling like you are being held back but cannot quite figure out why your deliverables are not the streamlined process they should be, then here are a few things to consider when going into the development of a new project.

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The State of the Cities - Mayors' Economic Forum Insights

Posted by Amy Fowler Stadler on 1/24/17 12:00 PM

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the State of the Cities - Mayors' Economic Forum hosted by the Denver Business Journal along with about 500 other Colorado corporate leaders, city leaders and innovators. 

As part of Lewis Fowler’s continued expansion into the Public Sector, I felt it was important to hear exactly what the mayors are focused on for 2017 and beyond.

I had not been to this event before, and I was reminded of the amazing buzz you have when leaders across our great state come together in one place! Not only did it give me a chance to hear from some of our customer’s mayors, but I spent time with entrepreneurs and industry leaders that support all facets of the Public Sector, talking about what they believe is needed to transform our cities.  It was clear to me that Lewis Fowler should continue to advocate for Business Transformation and Technology Enablement and be part of the solution around transforming our cities into Smart Cites of the future.

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Scaled for the Enterprise - Expansion of Agile to Drive Better Business Outcomes

Posted by Justin Rowe on 1/17/17 12:00 PM

This past August, I wrote a blog and performed a webinar with our partner, PMI Mile Hi on Embracing Digital Transformation within the Project Portfolio Management environment and quoted from PMI’s “Pulse of the Profession: Capturing the Value of Project Management Through Organizational Agility”.  

This article communicates, “A highly developed culture of agility exists when value is placed on ideals and behaviors such as collaboration, diversity, innovation, communication, creativity, transparency, and inquisitive thinking.”  This month, Jana Axline from PMI Mile Hi and I will be taking the next step in discussing the employment of organizational agility across the enterprise through the introduction of Enterprise Agile Frameworks.

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