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To Infinity and Beyond: Supporting NASA’s Constellation Program

Posted by Jim Ploeger on 12/4/15 9:17 AM

Over the last 8 years, Lewis Fowler has provided key support to NASA’s Constellation Program which is the next spaceflight vehicle replacing the retired space shuttle program. The manned vehicle, known as Orion Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle, is planning human flights after 2020 - eventually reaching Mars.

On December 5, 2014 Exploration Flight Test 1 (EFT-1) was successfully completed. This non-manned Orion vehicle boosted into space and completed a four-hour flight while performing two orbits of Earth.  Peak altitude during the flight was about 3500 miles above Earth’s surface (15 times higher than the International Space Station) and speed at entry into Earth’s atmosphere was 22,000 mph.

The test results were almost flawless.

Lewis Fowler has provided planning, development, and ongoing support in multiple areas:

  1. Integrated Schedule and Cost Management
  2. Earned Value Management and System Implementation
  3. Program and Project Management Delivery
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