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What Will Digital Transformation Mean to Your Organization in 2017?

Posted by Jeff Elliott on 2/23/17 1:40 PM

In 2016, the world of business witnessed huge innovations and technological advancements in digital transformation. For starters, the internet of things (IoT) was further developed and we saw organizations demonstrate creativity in the solutions they devised. From sensors to energy grids, many private and even public sector organizations utilized IoT in order to become “smarter.” Looking ahead, Oxford Economics estimates that just over $1 trillion (USD) will be spent in the global IoT market by 2019.

Business leaders also continued to further explore the relationship between data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, in their 2017 Tech Trends publication, Deloitte predicts that the digital universe is expected to increase in size. Data space as large as 44 zettabytes – where one zettabyte is equal to one billion terabytes – will be common space. It does not stop here!

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To Smart Cities and Beyond – How Innovation is Beginning to Unlock the True Potential of City Governments

Posted by Jeff Elliott on 10/12/16 8:20 AM


When thinking about the term Smart Cities, a few ideas might come to mind. Is it a city wherein hover machines and self-driving air crafts are a part of everyday life – like in Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale’s movie Back to the Future? Or, maybe it is a city wherein robots maintain daily city operations, like transportation, policing etc. With such a wide range of possibilities, and the extremely long span of our imaginations, the question around Smart Cities could have infinite answers. To this end, the seemingly more important questions concern what it means to your city government agency.

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