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Generations in the Workplace: Where do Millennials Fit?

Posted by Carolina Christiansen on 3/1/17 12:00 PM

The workforce is changing, deeply and at a fast pace.

When you are in recruiting, you see trends. Traditionalists are old school, Baby Boomers are getting close to retirement, Generation Xers are out to prove themselves by getting a Master degree and maybe even a PhD, Millennials are changing existent paradigms and iGeners are slowly coming in with resistance and hesitation.

Companies are being faced with an unprecedented challenge: having up to 5 generations working side by side in their workforce. Each generation brings different values, opinions, priorities and work styles to the table. The fact that Traditionalists and Baby Boomers are living longer, that some of them are not able to retire, and/or that many of them want to keep working, leads to more generations in a single work space.

This, of course, comes back onto organizational leaders. They need to be able to communicate, understand, motivate, lead, guide, train and retain four or five generations at the same time. Many organizational leaders may not have this skillset naturally, but luckily it is a skillset they can develop through learning and a lot of practice.

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