4 Reasons Why Management Consulting Should Be Your Dream Job

Posted by Norm Barnett on 10/13/15 10:00 AM

Is a career in consulting worth it for you?

Today’s job market is a world of continuous change and continuous searching.   Regardless of whether you are looking for a new job within your organization, or the next career opportunity outside your organization, I’m here to tell you why consulting should be your dream job.

As a professional consultant recruiter for over 20 years, I am a firm believer that people assume the traditional job market is the only catalyst for career growth and satisfaction. Traditional methods for finding employment still work if you are seeking work in a traditional environment, but we are here to find out why consulting should be your dream job! 

These are the four primary reasons I believe consulting should be your dream job:

  1. You will find personal engagement and fulfillment.
  2. You are recognized as a thought leader.
  3. You have flexibility in more than just your working hours.
  4. You get paid more money.


1. Management Consulting offers personal engagement and fulfillment. 


How many times have you been in a work situation and a project stalls because of the organizations political culture and climate?  You feel powerless and unable to influence change which leaves you feeling unfulfilled.  Management consultants are not influenced by an organizations culture.  

Consultants are brought in to recommend and implement projects that can positively affect an organizations culture, thus generating real value for the business and personal fulfillment for the consultant.  It is critically important to feel engaged and fulfilled. 

 A true consulting engagement provides this feeling. 


2. Management consultants are thought leaders.


This reason is my personal favorite.

No matter how you define thought leadership, often times management consultants are hired because they are recognized as an authority in a specialized field or are considered a subject matter expert.  For this reason, consultants have great strategic visibility that impacts the end client in many ways.  The most important being the creation of organizational best practices and processes that lead to business growth.

It’s not a bad deal to be considered a thought leader. 

There is also a personal impact for the individual and that is that consultants gain a personal sense of accomplishment and fulfillment from a career perspective.  Notice the connection between these two reasons, it’s not an accident. 

We recently produced a webinar exploring this topic in greater depth, click here to stream the recording.


3. Management consultants have greater work flexibility. 


When speaking about work flexibility I am not referring to working from home.  I’m referring to the fact that most consulting engagements are typically deliverable-based. This means consultants have to deliver within a defined period of time which allows the consultant to gather requirements and go away to do the work on their own schedule.

Some consultants take advantage of this by engaging with multiple projects and clients, or deciding not to take on a client. This relationship naturally exposes consultants to a variety of opportunities and environments.  Working from home is still a natural byproduct of management consulting, and a perfect tie in to the final reason.  


4. Management consultants make more money.


Yes, it is true, management consultants make more money. Glassdoor recently published the national average salary for a management consultant as $131,613

That is great news for consultants.

Another aspect to consider is that management consultants get paid for each hour they work as opposed to being salaried.  These hourly rates add up especially quick when you can get paid by multiple clients.  Also, the more experienced the consultant, the more money they earn.  Experience matters, especially in consulting and your experience will translate into real dollars. 


Taking the next step in your career


If you are committed to taking the next step in your career, it is critically important to start developing a plan. I recommend that you start networking, meeting with colleagues, joining meet-up groups, and seeking professional mentorship.   Your time invested in networking will pay significant dividends and help you achieve new levels of success.    

Lastly, if you are looking for some other practical ideas and strategies on developing your career advancement plan, check-out our recently recorded webinar, “Confessions from a Consultant Recruiter: Why Consulting Should be your Dream Job” available here:      

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I wish you luck in achieving your professional career goals, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any follow-up questions or comments, you can reach me via email at nbarnett@lewisfowler.com.

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